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We create solutions for common health conditions that affect wellbeing. Recent advances in biotechnology increasingly focus on rare disorders while overlooking common disorders that affect millions of people. We focus on medical diagnostics for common diseases that are easily treated but difficult to detect with current technology. We will create new methods to detect these conditions early, maximizing impact on quality of life.

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Cirrus Bio creates medical diagnostics that improve health and quality of life by detecting common diseases that currently lack effective diagnostic tools. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a track record of success in the industry. After creating a series of commercially successful tests for oncology, we created Cirrus Bio to address the conditions that affect our family and friends. We were surprised that there are not better testing options available for these common and easily treatable conditions.

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At Cirrus Bio, we use proprietary artificial intelligence and a multi-omics approach to diagnostics. Rather than focus on a single technology, we select from the best existing methods and create our own when needed. Our team has a strong background in next generation sequencing (NGS), gene expression and proteomics. When combined with our experience in clinical testing and product commercialization we hope to rapidly create and launch products.

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"If you just focus on the smallest details, you never get the big picture right"

Leroy Hood

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Cirrus Bio
Wexford Innovation Center
850 N. 5th st
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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